Monday, December 13, 2010

It has been a long time since I have posted a blog. I have been beating myself up over this because I want to use this as a journal and someday give it to my kids. The last months have been crazy. We moved from Washington to California, and then California to Texas. Now I am getting ready to move from Texas back to Washington. Tad got stationed at Ft Hood Texas. He is going to be deploying for the third time to Iraq sometime around Feb. I have decided that is is best for my children and I to pack up yet again, and move to be around, and have the support of family while he is gone. He will be gone at least a year. Texas is interesting. It is such a big state that there is quite a bit to do here. I will post mini blogs with some pictures of the adventures we have had here. It is a lot better than California I will say.

My kids are growing like weeds. The other day I got so emotional realizing how fast they are growing up. It seems like yesterday that we just found out we were pregnant with Madelyne our first and she is now 2 1/2. I wish I had more time with them while they are so little. I am just gratefull Heavenly Father blessed me with such amazing little spirits.

Madelyne is 2 1/2. She is doing so good. She says quite a bit of words now and starting to finally say sentances. She is in gymnastics here at the Texas Tumblers. She does so well in it I want her to really pursue it. Her teacher is amazed at her strenght as well as I. She is such a active little girl, everyday she amazes me with something new.

Garrison is 8 mo now CRAZY!! He just started sorta crawling this week. He pulls himself around. I have decided to not really baby proof though because we wil be moving soon. He is also I think teething. He has been quite fussy lately, and getting up quite a bit at night. He is known though for always being very giggily and smiling. He is such a joy.

Tad and I are doing good. He has been very busy at work getting everything ready to go to Iraq. I have been busy chasing my kiddos around. I was also recently called to be in the primary presidency so that has also kept me a little busy. We are heading to Yakima this Sat for three weeks. I am so excited we were just there a few weeks ago for Thanksgiving, but I get so excited everytime we go. I am also going to find a house when I am there.

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  1. You look great Lindsay. Your kids are cute. I think Garrison looks a lot like Tad. Funny how our kids are both almost exactly the same age. I miss the good ol' days. Now we are just old farts with responsibility.